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The program of the study visit will take place on December 3rd and 4th, 2019 at the St. Mary’s Folk High School (Sankta Maria Folkhögskola, address Adlerfelts väg 4, Malmö) in the Rosengård district. The Skåne Association of Local Authorities will be responsible for the programme. Focus for the presentations and discussions will be on newly arrived immigrants and others who need help with their basic skills in finding their fastest and best path to the labour market and participation in society. The themes for the presentations will cover:

  • The human aspects of learning
  • Best practices – practical methods in the classroom
  • Coaching and cooperation – the classroom in a context
  • Special skills/needs, broadening the recruitment and the employer perspective

The following local actors will be involved in the program:

Community Centre Apelgården (Allaktivitetshuset Apelgården) in the Rosengård district aims to improve the quality of life and participation opportunities of both individuals and families.

Saint Mary’s Folk High School (Sankta Maria Folkhögskola) is an independent adult education college providing services for e.g. immigrants with a broken educational background.

Merit Education (Merit utbildning) is a company in Southern Sweden providing education, training and coaching for adults.

The NAD Project is a regional project that provides health and language services as well as contact and network opportunities for newly arrived immigrants in Skåne. NAD comes from the Swedish Nätverk-Aktivitet-Delaktighet, Network-Activity-Participation.

RSFI – a consolidated methodology for integration is a project in the Hässleholm municipality. It provides learning solutions for newly arrived immigrants based on the human aspects of learning.

Hela Vägen is an ESF-funded project run by the Skåne Association of Local Authorities in cooperation with local authorities in Skåne. It focuses on young people (aged 16 – 29) with neuropsychiatric disabilities as well as employers interested in hiring members of this group.

IMprove is an ESF-funded project that helps newly arrived girls and boys to complete their studies in the Swedish school system. The aim is to develop a common model with effective methods that principals and schools can use to achieve better results. The Skåne Association of Local Authorities is the regional project leader in Skåne.

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See more detailed programme here. (Updated 14.11.)

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