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The thematic working group on Education and Training will meet in Stockholm. Participants will jointly start developing new methods and policy recommendations in order to bring young people in NEET situation closer to the labour market, employment or education.


How can we use non-formal and informal education as complementary support to formal education, to bring young people in NEET situation back to school or to the labour market?


Education is for many the single most important factor for successful (re)integration. This means that we need to design formal education so that it becomes easier to return to for those who left school early, design non-formal education so that it offers various paths for youth and takes into consideration individual capabilities and desires and ensure that informal education is a natural aspect of all measures. It is important to investigate how formal, non-formal and informal education can be coordinated to be accessible to all while building the systemic capacity to provide tailor-made solutions for the youth.


Participants will plan next steps to continue work in transnational partnerships aiming to e.g.;

• transfer models for learning examples and successful methods
• further develop pedagogical methods for non-motivated youth
• design and test joint training programmes based on ECVET offered by VET providers
• develop policy recommendations on how existing programmes can be adjusted to NEETs
• design of new tools and methods adjusting educational programmes to the needs of the target group (incl. digital support, language training, validation etc.)

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