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The thematic working group on Entrepreneurship will meet in Stockholm. Participants will jointly start developing new methods and policy recommendations in order to bring young people in NEET situation closer to the labour market, employment or education.


How can we support an entrepreneurial mindset as a complement to existing formal and non-formal education, as an alternative path to the labour market for young people in NEET situation?


Training an entrepreneurial mind-set could function as an alternative to conventional educational paths. The intention is to increase confidence, social skills, experience and ultimately labour market integration, whether through employment or self-employment. This could also include raising ability to be more creative and better express themselves and thus stimulate involvement of youth in the design of measures aimed to help them.


Participants will plan next steps to continue work in transnational partnerships aimed to develop e.g.:

• new tools and methods enhancing entrepreneurial mindsets among the target group
• educational programmes based on tools and methods (preferably transnational)
• policy recommendations on how entrepreneurial mindsets can be enhanced among NEETs including policymaking for social entrepreneurial support
• programmes for developing entrepreneurial mind-sets among target group
• programmes for developing creative mind-sets and furthering artistic expression among target group

Design of youth inclusion models based on entrepreneurship and design.

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