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The thematic working group on Labour Market Integration will meet in Stockholm. Participants will jointly start developing new methods and policy recommendations in order to bring young people in NEET situation closer to the labour market, employment or education.


How can we foster employability of young people in the NEET situation through more effective cross-sectoral cooperation, including public, private and non-profit actors?


Closing the gap between school and work is one of the most important aspects of integration of young people in NEET situation into the labour market. Closing the gap between actors on the labour market, not least in a transnational perspective is important to harness the full potential of the Baltic Sea Region. Experience from employers specifically targeting youth that are far from the labour market, including ways to transfer hindrances into opportunities.


Participants will plan next steps to continue work in transnational partnerships aimed to develop e.g.:

• methods for in-company trainings and labour market integration initiatives
• tools for organisations working with labour market integration of NEETs (incl. digital support, language training, validation)
• network of companies supporting former NEETs integration in the labour market with help of in-company training
• mentoring programme for the network above
• policy recommendations on how the labour market policies can be adjusted so that integration of NEETs will be eased
• policy recommendations of better inter-agency coordination, as well as coordination of non-public actors.
• Policy recommendations for better integration of national labour market integration measures throughout the Baltic Sea Region

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