The inflow of migrants to the European Union has increased during the past few years due to the civil war in Syria and other conflicts and crisis in Africa and in the Middle East. The rapid increase of migrants calls for more co-operation between the people and organisations entrusted with the responsibility of integrating refugees. A lot of initiatives have been launched and an effective system of collecting and making good practice available is needed. Besides learning from each other there is much to gain from developing new methods, tools and networks together with others, across borders.

Knowledge Platform Refugees offers opportunities to share your own best practices, to learn from the others and also to cooperate with other actors and projects in order to start new development processes and to have an impact in the national, regional and EU-level activities and policies.



We invite all the stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region to
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Knowledge Platform for Newly Arrived Refugees

Matti Mäkelä, Manager of the Knowledge Platform
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Mika Salonen, Coordinator of the Knowledge Platform
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