Published 31 August 2023

Gender equality

SALAR has adopted the European Charter for Equality of Men and Women in Local Life, committing itself to promote gender equality in its capacities as political organization, employer and service provider.

By signing the charter, SALAR has adopted the strategy of gender mainstreaming, thus working to implement a gender perspective in all its planning, decision-making and carrying out of operations and services at the service of its members.

Tasks to promote gender equality

The current four year work program states that all SALAR activities should be executed with a gender perspective. The program also entails the association with a number of concrete tasks in order to enhance gender equality:

SALAR shall support women top politicians, in order to increase the number of women in the highest echelon of politicians.

SALAR shall promote gender equality in working life, including working conditions and wages.

SALAR shall contribute to the work against men’s violence towards women, and to strengthen the focus on preventive measures in municipalities and county councils.

SALAR shall work of the gender mainstreaming of decision-making and services in municipalities and regions.

These tasks are carried out through capacity building, networking and the supply of tools and methods for gender equality work.

Checklist and benchmarking

Building on experiences from large scale programs to strengthen gender mainstreaming in municipalities and county councils, SALAR has developed a checklist for gender mainstreaming, outlining in ten steps what it takes to reach long-term sustainable progress.

In the project Model Municipalities, benchmarking is used as a method for mutual learning through systematic comparisons of gender mainstreaming efforts in municipalities in groups of three. The benchmarking process runs in the course of one year, following a specific plan, as outlined in the model.


  • Love Nordenmark

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