Published 13 March 2024

Whistleblower function, SALAR

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR, uses a whistle-blower function to quickly detect misconduct that could otherwise cause serious damage to SALAR's operations or employees.

SALAR is careful to ensure any misconduct that could seriously damage our operations or our employees is noticed and investigated as early as possible according to law (2021:890). Further, we have set up a whistleblower solution to protect persons who report such misconduct.

The purpose of the service

This service is used to provide a channel where events or conditions can be reported without informants feeling fear of reprisals. Our hope is that malpractices can be quickly noticed and remedied before such underlying causes spread.

Please note that only persons directly connected with Sweden's Municipalities and Regions operations are covered by the protection of said whistleblower legislation (Act 2021:890 protection for persons who report misconduct).

The following can be reported according to law

Work related circumstances regarding information about abuses of interest to the general public and in their disclosure.

The law also applies when reporting misconduct in such work-related context as

  • contravenes a directly applicable union act within the scope of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 regarding the protection of persons who report breaches of union law,
  • contravenes the law or other regulation referred to in paragraph 8 of form of government and which implements or supplements the above-mentioned union acts, or
  • defeats the aim or purpose of the provision of a union act within the scope of the same directive.

If such notification does not fall within the scope of the above and e.g. concerns the working environment, the matter shall be reported through such regular channels as the immediate manager, the manager's manager, HR, main work environment representative or trade unions.

The following persons can use the following reporting channels according to law

The following persons are permitted to use SALAR internal reporting channels:

  1. employees,
  2. those who make an inquiry about or are looking for work,
  3. those who seek or carry out volunteer work,
  4. persons applying for or completing an internship,
  5. persons who are otherwise available to perform or carry out work under management control,
  6. self-employed persons seeking or carrying out assignments,
  7. persons who are available to be or are part of a company's administration, management or supervisory body,
  8. shareholders who are available to assist or who do assist in the limited company (NB: it should be noted that SALAR is not a limited company), or
  9. persons who have belonged to one of the categories of persons above and received or obtained information during operations.

How to make a report

SALAR has chosen a reporting tool via an external and independent whistleblower channel.

You can report in writing via website or by phone on
077-177 99 77. Anonymity is provided by both these report channels.

Reporting website: 2Secure (you can choose language)

Save both code and password to follow the case

When registering a new report on please enter unique company code skr893 to identify the report as being for Sweden's Municipalities and Regions. You will then be asked to answer questions regarding the subject of the report on the website. In order to log onto the website and follow the notification and communicate with the administrator at 2Secure anonymously, you will be assigned a unique case number and password – these should be carefully saved.

Other languages

The web portal is available in several different languages. For current languages please ​​see

Case officers correspond with whistleblowers primarily in Swedish or English.

IP addresses and cookies are not recorded

No IP addresses are registered and the system does not use cookies.
However, if you use a computer connected to the SALAR network, it can be seen from the internet log that you have visited the page where the notification is made.

If you prefer to to avoid this, please use a computer not connected to the SALAR network, a personal smartphone or a tablet.

Reporting using a physical meeting

To arrange a physical meeting please register your report on the website Select "Leave details" and fill in the details. Your physical meeting will then be held with a representative from the SALAR whistleblower 2Secure service by agreement.

Reporting via an external whistleblower channels

Notifications can also be reported externally to an authorised authority within a certain area of ​​responsibility or to an EU institution, body or agency.

Anonymity and protection for you who report

Those who choose can report misconduct anonymously. The reporting channel is run by an external party and it is impossible to identify the person behind a report should said person choose to remain anonymous.

According to the Whistleblower Act, a person who reports misconduct covered by the Whistleblower Act shall not be penalized for breaching confidentiality, provided they have reasonable grounds and believe it necessary to disclose such misconduct. Such persons are protected from actions taken to obtain information about such wrongdoing.

Consequently, SALAR applies a prohibition against reprisals. Prohibition against reprisals and obstructive measures applies to persons who assist the reporting person or someone with whom the reporting person has a connection.


A whistleblower is a person who draws attention to misconduct within a company or organization. Traditionally, the term has been used when employees share information via mass media, but nowadays the word is used in a broader sense.


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